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Bestselling Author. Leadership & Mindset Expert. Global Growth & Spiritual Strategist.

5x entrepreneur and best selling author, Marissa Levin is a globally known speaker who delivers motivation, engagement, entertainment, and moves people to action!

Marissa brings an authentic, impactful message grounded in her 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. Her presentations are loaded with powerful content, are fully captivating, and creatively impart lessons that audience members can activate immediately. She instantly emotionally connects with her audience, whether it is an audience of 10 or 1,000.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

I launched my first company in 1993 after working for someone that capped my worth at $35,000. Using that as fuel, I grew Information Experts to ~$14 million in revenue before transitioning it to the leadership team I put in place in order to launch my next company.

Under my leadership, Information Experts won more than 80 awards, was named to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies three years in a row, and won the 2010 SmartCEO GovStar Industry Star Award.

I am immensely proud of what I built. We were national trailblazers, building a culture of “responsible flexibility,” which supported and encouraged work-life balance, telecommuting, and the philosophy that we work to live, rather than live to work.
In 2012, I launched Successful Culture, a leadership consulting organization that helped CEOs master the 3 most critical aspects of business growth: leadership development, strategy formulation & execution, and corporate culture creation & improvement.

I developed a global C-level coaching and consulting practice based on my own successful experience building a multimillion-dollar consulting firm, and my strength of deeply connecting with leaders to help them move beyond the barriers impeding their personal and organizational growth.
In 2012 I joined “Washington Business Report” on ABC as the region’s Small Business Expert, alongside anchor Rebecca Cooper. In my weekly segment I addressed the challenges of small business growth, and invited leaders to join me to share their business experience.
In 2014 I joined SmartCEO Magazine as a nationally syndicated columnist and the publication’s official “Board Expert.” My weekly column addressed questions and challenges of building high performing boards as well as success stories from business owners.
In 2015 I joined Inc. Magazine as a Leadership and Culture Columnist. My column provided leaders with actionable strategies and tactics to cultivate their own leadership skills; bring out the best in their people; build the most effective, productive, and happy environments; and help organizations reach their greatest levels of profitability.
In 2016 Women Presidents Organization (WPO) asked me to assume the role of Regional Chair for the Northern Virginia region. I had the privilege of facilitating monthly meetings for an incredible group of women business owners with revenues from $1 million to $50 million, leveraging the WPO model of peer-to-peer facilitation. It was an honor to create and maintain a safe environment for my members, and provide guidance and leadership so that they could grow into their highest personal and professional potential.
In 2017 I aligned Successful Culture with PeopleTactics, a national leader in Strategic HR Consulting to launch Successful Culture International (SCI), a global consultancy with a reputation as a leader in corporate culture and leadership development & education. Using our proprietary Culture Development Lifecycle (CDL), we helped countless companies assess, strengthen, transform, and create healthy cultures where employees feel safe, heard, & seen, and are empowered to reach their potential.

Through our Successful Culture Advanced Leadership Education Academy (SCALE Academy), we trained hundreds of leaders on diversity equity & inclusion (DEI), unconscious bias, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and communications skills.
In 2017 I co-founded Women’s CEO Roundtable, a professionally facilitated year-long program for women business owners from noncompeting organizations that are committed to scaling beyond $1 million in revenue. In addition to a curriculum that addressed all aspects of business-building, we facilitated peer groups that provided members with a confidential safe space to share their business challenges and receive guidance and feedback from seasoned business owners.
In 2020 I entered into a strategic partnership with Lodestone Global, one of the leading global board-building organizations. The integration of Lodestone’s board-building process and its exceptional resources with my advisory board-building SCALE Model, my corporate culture expertise, and leadership education programs has created a board-building powerhouse that stands apart from all other board-building organizations.

Lodestone provides the very best board creation expertise and access to an unparalleled database of highly vetted exceptional board members.
In 2022 SOAR Community Network acquired Successful Culture International. SCI’s work in diversity, equity & inclusion and our flagship SCALE Academy perfectly aligned with the comprehensive suite of solutions that SOAR brings to the market.
In 2022, I launched Marissa International as my speaking platform. Through the integration of my communications gifts, my 30 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience, and the wisdom I have cultivated along the way, I am committed to fulfilling my Lifetime Legacy Mission: To empower 1 billion people to live their most joyful lives.

My Personal Values

A leader’s personal values must mirror the values they apply to the work they perform in the world.

When I work with clients, I commit to remaining true to these values to ensure the creation of the highest outcomes for those that entrust me with their journey.


Learn how to get out of my own way, follow the signs, and invite the highest outcomes. Enjoy always being at “base camp.” Approach life with humility and a “beginner’s mind,” knowing that there is always more to learn, and more growth to attain. Detach from the outcome; the growth is always in the journey.


Earn and honor the trust of others. Trust in myself, the process, my inner voice and intuition, the higher power, the flow of my life and how to move with it. Trust in abundance, in the rebirths and seasons of my life, in the process of co-creation with Source and with those that are on my path. Know that coincidences and synchronicities are pre-destined.


Choose compassion for myself and others. Release anger and resentment. Always be in the service of forgiveness. Commit to a life that alleviates the suffering of others.


Connect with others in a way that ensures they feel seen, heard, and significant. Embrace transparency and vulnerability to prevent walls and barriers which impede trust and deep connection. Choose inclusion and integration over exclusion and division at every opportunity to activate unity and harmony.


Always be a place of emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical safety for others in need. Do no harm.


Spread the light, be the light. Endeavor to ensure that those that I meet feel my light and love and be touched, comforted, & empowered by it.


Remain grateful for my health, my body, my mind, my voice, my ability to feel deeply, the lessons in my pain, every breath. Remain grateful for all that love, guide, & support me, and trust me to do the same in their lives.


Move through life “awakened.”  Remain grateful for the opportunity to create and manifest the highest outcomes that align with my soul purpose and my joy. Be mindful of the impact that my thoughts, words, and actions have on my life and on others, and endeavor to maintain their alignment.

My Communities

My Communities provide connection to some of the most accomplished and consciously evolved entrepreneurs and leaders on the planet.

For more than a decade, these communities have been gateways to personal and professional connection, friendship, learning, support, growth and transformative experiences.



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