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Enjoy a collection of short videos that Marissa has recorded over the years to share her insights on leadership, mindset, culture, and organizational growth.


You have the opportunity to build Awareness and Reset every time a challenging situation presents itself at work. Challenging situations are a Gift. They are our greatest opportunities for self-awareness, for changing the way we respond to triggers, for becoming more resilient and emotionally grounded.

In this 4-minute video I share how I trained an executive coaching client to reframe how she views her challenges, and how to reset throughout the day with Mindful Moments. You can do it too.


It won’t last forever. This is cyclical. So before you bail on one job and jump to another, consider how you are exiting. You never know how your career paths will cross in the future.

Are you exiting with grace and gratitude? Are you maintaining strong connections with the network you have built? The pendulum WILL swing back to an employer’s market.

Our relationships are everything; protect yours as if you need them – because you do and you will.

Share my 4-min video about this important topic with anyone that has temporarily forgotten the importance of never burning bridges and always taking the high road, even when it’s difficult – especially when it’s difficult. In business, your network is everything.

THIS is a really important video. 

From a client session this morning. Strategies I created to help you cope with and process the continuous personal and organizational impact of the pandemic, the vaccine mandates, and the overall weariness that is hitting all leaders and companies at every level. It’s long, but super valuable.
Three super-easy tips to improve your communication with everyone – and to give yourself breathing room in your communication so that you can be responsive, rather than reactive.
Leaders have unimaginable and unprecedented pressure today to keep their employees engaged.
Employees are quitting at a record pace: 55% surveyed said they would quit before returning to the office. I included the story link in my comments.
In my 4-minute clip, I share the guidance I’ve given my leadership coaching clients to preserve their talent base, and I offer my GRACE Leadership training pro-bono to anyone who thinks their companies will benefit. We are all in this together. I hope it helps you! 
When you receive feedback that rubs you the wrong way, are you offended? The alternative response is to choose curiosity.
In my 3-minute video, I share how I shifted my coaching client’s perspective, and helped him pave the way for a valuable and constructive conversation with his supervisor. In every moment, we can choose our response. Choose curiosity; offense is a dead end.
Your stories are causing unnecessary suffering!
How can you dismantle the negative tapes playing in your head and return to the facts of the situation so that you can be in a place of peace? In my coaching session this morning with an executive of a $40 million organization, I led my client through my 5-step process to keep our stories in check, successfully resolve inner and outer conflicts, and enjoy more peace. He is now prepared to engage from a place of calm and objectivity, and achieve his goals. I share these steps here!
Conquering meeting overwhelm to clear 50% of your meetings from your calendar by asking 4 questions, shifting from Enabling your team to Empowering your team through delegation, elevating from management (in the weeds) to leadership (50,000 ft level) – so much impact! I share these transformations and shifts in my 4 minutes here! 
What is your role in being understood or misunderstood? In being valued or
In a coaching call this morning, I guided a senior executive down a path to dismantle stories he was telling himself about his supervisors that may have been impeding him from fully trusting them and conveying his value. It takes a lot of practice and intention to see the world through lenses other than your own.
If you are heading into an important conversation, or want a desired outcome, my 4-minute video will equip you with exactly what you need to do to ensure the right people know your worth and your intentions. Being fully understood is an opportunity to maximize every day!
Is your inner peace and inner joy feeling elusive right now?
Are external
circumstances, the outer environment, or the opinions of others robbing you from feeling calm? You are not alone!
In my 5-minute video I share two things you can do to start to reclaim your inner peace – regardless of what is swirling on around you. Do not empower external events, circumstances, and people to control your peace of mind. This is all within your power and control – and is essential for you to be the best leader possible and reach your potential. 
Happy almost 54th birthday to me!! Every day is a gift! Mark Twain remarked that the 2 most important days of our life are the day you are born and the day you discover why. We should always honor both!
‘ve recorded some of my most important life lessons to date; I think a few will resonate with you and inspire you to live your best life. Wherever you are on your life’s journey, know that the BEST IS YET TO COME!!
I recently drank my own medicine and reached out for help when I faced a
I share 5 priceless lessons that I learned through my experience, as well as 1 unexpected gift that keeps on giving. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by my experience!! 

Conceive Believe Achieve. See it and Be it. Plant a Seed, Plant a Need.

In 4 minutes I share 2 examples of how I shifted a client’s mindset from one of self-doubt to self-belief, and set her up for success with two important goals. Her future is so bright! And so is yours when you believe in your value and your impact! Own your outcome!

Do you know about the 3X3 exercise that reminds you of the unique value you bring to your clients?

Do you know how to flip your script from negation to affirmation? Do you know how to align your inner messaging with your outer messaging so that you always show up in a place of total confidence and truth?

My client is working on these exercises this week as a result of our breakthrough coaching session this morning. How rewarding it was for me to watch her light turn on and shine in real time as we spent time together. I share exactly how to do these exercises in my video.


90 seconds of leadership and mindset motivation for your Monday as you head into the week!
Many of your barriers or obstacles are in your mind. Your possibilities and opportunities are limitless. Today I share a quote I heard this weekend that reminded me how important it is to envision where you want to be, not only be focused on where you are. Have an awesome week my friends.
“We have to talk.”
Four words that often cause a shiver down our spine. It doesn’t need to be that way. Here I share the 7 questions to ask yourself before having a difficult conversation, and 6 steps you can take to drive your desired outcome.
This is an 8-minute mini-course to equip you with everything you need to breeze through your most dreaded conversations and emerge in the best place possible for all involved.
When an employee doesn’t meet your expectations, or demonstrates behavior that contradicts your core values, how do you respond?
In my 3-minute video I share insights on the importance of distinguishing between the person & their behavior, and how you can turn a negative situation into a great coaching opportunity for your employee. No one is perfect, and we all have the capacity to evolve, learn, and grow. 

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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