Access Some Transformational Tools

Find Your Joy. Own Your Worth. Evolve Your Consciousness.

Over her 30 years helping people achieve their best lives, Marissa has developed many tools and models that help individuals elevate their consciousness, awaken to their highest possibilities, dial into their inner knowing & intuition, and step into their limitless potential.

Below are four of these tools. 

6 Elements of Joy

Learn about the 6 elements that comprise a joyful life.

Worth Wheel

The Worth Wheel™ outlines 7 areas that as humas we use to define our self-worth . Download a workbook to help you examine how each of these key life roles and identities impacts your self-worth

i5 Conscious Leadership Model

The i5 model goes beyond behaviors and past principles to the five core elements of a conscious leader: Intention, Identity, Integrity, InSight, and Inspiration.

Emotions Wheel

The Emotions Wheel is a tool that helps you build self-awareness and empathy for others.

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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