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Advisory Boards. Company Culture. Unlocking Human Potential. And More On the Way.

Marissa is the author of the #1 best-selling book “Built to SCALE: How Top Companies Create Breakthrough Growth Through Exceptional Advisory Boards”  and “My Company ROCKS!” Eight Secrets to a Growth-Driven Culture That Keeps Employees Happy & Engaged”.

She is also a contributor to You@Work: Unlocking Human Potential in the Workplace”.

Later this year, Marissa and her i5 Conscious Leadership business partner Melissa Scott will publish Conscious Leadership: A Roadmap to Evolved Employee Engagement”.

And look for Marissa’s Little Book of Big Joy” in 2024.

Built to SCALE

How Top Companies Create Breakthrough Growth through Exceptional Advisory Boards

The one strategy that has made the biggest impact on the growth of Marissa Levin’s multi-million-dollar, self-funded, global business is the implementation of an advisory board. After carefully researching the process she used to create a board that took her business to the next level, Levin created SCALE™, a patent-pending method that helps other business owners recruit, implement, and leverage their own business-altering advisory boards.

My Company ROCKS!

Eight Secrets to a Growth-Driven Culture That Keeps Employees Happy & Engaged

Have you ever wondered why some companies can consistently attract and keep the best and brightest employees? The answer is simple: organizational culture.

Culture is a company’s greatest competitive weapon. It is an organization’s DNA and fingerprint. Creating an extraordinary culture is an essential strategy for all companies that want to grow.

Disengaged employees cost organizations 1/3 of their total payroll expenditures every year. Learn how to create an organization that brings out the best in your employees, and maximizes your organizational potential and profits.

You@Work: Unlocking Human Potential in the Workplace

Part of The @Work Series

Contemporary HR professionals and business leaders are beginning to understand the importance of unlocking human potential and maximizing performance and innovation by truly embracing the human spirit of their employees.

This unique and powerful book explores the nuances of bringing our whole selves to work, and challenges us to shed the outdated notion of asking employees to check their humanity at the door.

What does it mean to BE YOU and BE VALUED AS YOU in the workplace?
The stories in this book answer those questions, and more.

Awakening the Conscious Leader

Anticipated late 2023

In late 2023, Marissa and her business partner, Melissa Scott will publish Awakening the Conscious Leader. This interactive book will take readers through the journey to conscious leadership.

The Little Book of Big Joy

Anticipated in 2024

In 2024, Marissa International will be publishing “The Little Book of Big Joy”,” to make the path to Joy accessible to everyone that is seeking it.

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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