Marissa is a globally known speaker who delivers motivation, engagement, entertainment, and a message that moves people to action!

Marissa delivers an authentic, impactful message grounded in 30 years of experience. Her presentations are loaded with powerful content, are fully captivating, and creatively impart lessons that audience members can activate immediately. She instantly emotionally connects with her audience, whether it is an audience of 10 or 1,000.

Marissa loves to speak on the following topics:



The 6-Fold Path to Joy: Path, Purpose, Power, Potential, People, & Play



  1. Stepping into Your POWER: Purpose, Ownership, Worth, Efficacy, and Resilience
  2. Rebirth Your Self-Worth: The Power of Self-Love, Self-Compassion, and Self-Forgiveness
  3. The Power of Intention
  4. The Power of Your Inner Voice
  5. We Are All Connected: The Power of Intentional Community


  1. 11 Essential Leadership Mindsets
  2. Creating a Mindset of Abundance


  1. Owning Your Outcome: 10 Strategies to Create Your Best Life
  2. 9 Strategies of Resilience
  3. Embracing the Journey of Radical Transformation
  4. Accessing and Activating Your Spiritual Path and Stepping into Your Highest Purpose


  1. Building an Exceptional Culture
  2. The Path of Transformative Leadership
  3. Leading with GRACE: Grit, Resilience, Adaptability, Connection, and Empathy
  4. Building Exceptional Advisory Boards Using the SCALE™ Model
  5. Knowing When:  Preparing Yourself and Your Business for a Successful Acquisition

Self Awareness

  1. The Connection between Exceptional Leadership and Self-Awareneness
  2. Cultivating Self-Awareness through the Johari Window framework

Emotional Intelligence

  1. The 10 Myths of Emotional Intelligence
  2. 10 Traits of a Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  3. The 5 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence and How to Raise your EQ

Time Management and Energy Management

Leveraging Time Management and Energy Management to Build Your Most Successful Company




The best of the best! Marissa recently spoke at our company event and to say she’s an experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneur who’s willing to share is an understatement! She was engaging, motivating and had an amazing ability to hold the attention of the attendees. Marissa can speak with authority on business, growth, and company culture! Her years of experience and knowledge naturally come through as she tells her story while always thinking of how she can provide value to the audience. If you get the chance to book her to speak for your event or for your company you WILL NOT be disappointed!


I have had the privilege of knowing Marissa Levin for over a decade. She is a passionate leader, experienced CEO, book author, writer and speaker. I recently had Marissa present to a group of CEOs on topic that she is a subject matter expert in. She engaged everyone in a powerful way and presented information that left the CEOs excited to implement what they learned from her presentation. I highly recommend working with Marissa in any capacity. She is a cut above the rest!


Marissa, was an outstanding speaker at Women in Bio Founders Forum meeting for the EAST COAST in December 2020. She added significant value to the attendees walking them thru the essential steps to establish a game changing advisory board for their companies. Marissa style is passionate and engaging resulting in many questions from the audience. I highly recommend Marissa as she is a first class speaker, and a business owner with prominent results and success.


Women in Technology had the pleasure of Marissa Levin’s presentation on how to claim your power as women in our careers. She spoke to the Mentor/Protegee group of her own growth in realizing the power we all have, yet tend not to execute on. She was extremely passionate about her rise to “power” as an entrepreneur and encouraged all to “strengthen our inner voices, know our core values and create a result that creates, love, good will, and a safe environment for others”. She spoke with authority, as well as compassion. I, as others in the group, definitely felt empowered and anxious to forge ahead with more belief in ourselves as powerful entities in the business world.


Marissa’s presentation and ability to connect with our team was outstanding! She has such a welcoming presence about her and her level of expertise in leadership development is worth noting! The training she conducted was top notch and our team was thankful for the development opportunity! Thank you Marissa.


Marissa Levin is a force of nature. She spoke at the NSS RPO 2019 Off-site and knocked it out the park. The focus of her presentation was the Productivity Mindset and she shared a number of concepts and ideas that will not only make us more productive, but more importantly, more fulfilled and energized.

 Marissa has a holistic view towards work and life and challenged us to feed the professional, personal, physical and spiritual parts of our being. She’s an expert when it comes to teamwork, delegation and execution. The entire team was raving about Marissa during our afternoon session and I have a feeling we’ll be working with her again in the future.

Conor Nicholson


Founder/CEO of NSS RPO


I recently had Marissa conduct a morning keynote for our annual Women’s conference and she did not disappoint. Thus, far we have received nothing but high marks for the event and Marissa played a major role in that. She was engaging, encouraging, and inspirational. Further, her ideas and suggestions were very practical. I highly recommend her.


Marissa Levin has a gift for speaking. When she presented at the Institute for Excellence in Sales, I could see a shift in our audience of sales leaders. She spoke about leadership mindset development and she helped them understand how they could grow their careers by being conscious to slight modifications in outlook and behavior. It was very compelling. I highly recommend Marissa to any organization looking for a transformational keynote speaker.


Marissa was the keynote speaker for our quarterly mentor-protégé program where she spoke to about 100 business owners. Her presentation and her delivery were superb. She was highly engaging, informative, and motivational. She spoke with confidence & authority but was highly relatable. This group was commanding and had high expectations, and she exceeded them. Her follow-up after the presentation with additional materials on topics that came up during Q&A was also outstanding. Marissa is the ideal keynote speaker for any organization that wants to create a highly valuable and memorable experience for their guests.


Marissa in one hour fired us all up to seriously pay attention to our business challenges via our own personal strengths and discipline. Engaged and responsive to the audience. Highly recommend.


Marissa came to speak to our Leadership team on Productivity and Time Management. Turns out she gave us so much more than expected. The team is made up of people from C-Level employees to mid-level managers. Typically a presenter is not engaged with questions and feedback. Marissa brought so much energy and empathy to her presentation that people were engaged and involved in the discussion. In addition, I received unsolicited emails from several people who had joined the presentation over the conference bridge, thanking me for bringing Marissa to speak to the group. That never happens. I would highly recommend Marissa for her intelligence, enthusiasm, confidence and ability to engage people at all levels.


Marissa dives into topics that few business consultants touch on. Her perspective has helped me understand that not only do I need to ask for help, but who to ask for help from. I would highly recommend that she is considered for any entrepreneurial speaking engagement.


Marissa as an outstanding speaker and presenter with an ideal approach suited to the sophistication and practicality of C-level audiences. She brings wit, energy, enthusiasm and the virtue of storytelling to the discussion, all of which serve to engage the audience emotionally and intellectually in the experience.

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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