Selecting your networking communities; Top DC 7, best learning community, favorite online spots, best events

As a follow-up to my March 10th Washington Business Report segment on strategic networking (, I’ve compiled strategies on selecting the networking communities that are right for you. I’ve also listed the top 10 networking communities, along with information on the best learning community, the best events, and my favorite online spots.

First, let’s look at five ways that will help you decide where and with whom your should spend your valuable time.

Accountability and Goal-Setting (Follow-up to WBR Segment 1/13/2013)

My January small business segment on ABC’s Washington Business Report with Rebecca Cooper-Dupin focused on accountability and goal-setting strategies to start 2013 strong. Accompanying me was my accountability partner and personal financial advisor, Anne McCabe Triana, owner of CAM Private Wealth ( I’ve expanded on those strategies here, incorporating many great ideas from other small business owners.

Six Unique Traits Biz Owners Look For in Potential New Hires

As a business owner always looking for exceptional talent, and as a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs seeking guidance on how to hire great people, I’ve learned that there are six definitive traits that great potential new hires share. These apply to candidates in all positions, in every sector, at any level – from intern to senior management.

If you’re in the market for a new position, if you’re charged with scouting for new talent in your organization, or if you’re a business owner trying to make those essential first hires, consider these characteristics or behaviors.

10 Ways to Lose Prospects as Soon As They Hear your Voice

If you pick up the phone and start making calls without thinking about your approach, habit and the phrases you’ve picked up from telemarketing calls you have received over the years are going to dominate what you say. Surprise, surprise: that’s not the most effective way to make calls. You may be committing age-old blunders without even knowing it. These strategies were written by one of my Mastermind group members, friend, and trusted advisor Bill Cates, also known as The Referral Coach.( Bill is THE EXPERT for anyone who wants to know how to build a thriving referral-based business.

Here’s a quick checklist of classic telephone prospecting mistakes. Are you making any of them? If so, take action to rectify your approach!

I Challenge You to Ask Yourself: Where are You on Your Ladder of Learning?

It occurred to me this weekend after I attended Yanik Silver’s ( Underground 8 Online Seminar that one of the primary reasons I am SO FIRED UP about my future is because I am on the LOWEST RUNG of what I call my Personal Learning Ladder™ (PLL). I can’t remember the last time I learned so much in such a short period of time…. Learning opportunities are all around us. We have unprecedented access to knowledge, people, and information that previously was unattainable. What are you doing to continue your learning and growth?

The Dangerous Myth of the Magical Million Dollar Mark

“Million, million, million.” It feels good when we say it, doesn’t it? Especially when we talk about growing our businesses. “I’m going to hit a million dollars.” “I’m going to be a millionaire.” “I’m working on my goal of $1 million in sales.”

Joining the Club: Five Strategies for Selecting Networking Organizations & Communities That Deliver ROI

Do you ever feel like a lazy slacker because you’re certain you’re the only person not attending various networking events, or not a member of an organization? It’s easy to get sucked into the networking vortex.There are so many events that you could attend a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and reception event every day of the week and still not make the rounds to every event out there. Wherever you reside, you have to choose wisely.

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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