As an Entrepreneur, I Am Thankful

Marissa Levin
Marissa Levin
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It’s always the right time to live life from a place of gratitude. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, today I reflect on what it means to be thankful as an entrepreneur.

Thankful for my employees. I ‘m so thankful for my employees… for their dedication to Information Experts in good times and difficult times, for their belief in me as a leader, and in my vision, and for their belief in the value of what we do. I am thankful that they entrust their career paths to me. I am thankful for entrusting me with their potential. I am thankful for their personal investment in making Information Experts better, and for stepping up to deliver, even when delivery seems unattainable.

Thankful for my trusted advisors, mentors, and Masterminders. As a veteran business owner, I’ve learned over the past 18 years that one of the most important aspects of success is to surround yourself with great people… people that have strong value systems, people that believe in you and genuinely want to see you succeed, and people that can teach you how to be better. I am blessed with an extraordinary team of advisors that guide me through my growth pains – both personal and professional. My trusted advisors, mentors, and Masterminders see my vulnerabilities and insecurities, and yet they never waiver in their belief in me. They provide financial, legal, intellectual, and even spiritual guidance, which are all essential for me in becoming the best business owner and best person I can be. Some of my advisors have been in my inner circle for 18 years; others I have known only for a period of months. But all have proven to be instrumental in my growth and my success, and as I continue to grow, I will continue to rely on them.

Thankful for my inspirers. I have been truly blessed with a soul-filled group of “inspirers”… men and women who never cease to amaze me with their inner strength and beauty. Their steadfast commitment to personal growth, their dedication to fostering growth in others through their own experiences, and their ability to meaningfully connect with those around them gives me immeasurable strength. I often reach out to them one-to-one and reach back to their writings & successes to bolster my own inner strength on days when I need to push through a difficulty. They are a priceless gift and a much-needed component of my success.

Thankful for my customers. I am thankful for the confidence that my customers have placed in me and in Information Experts. To gain the trust of a customer is an incredible accomplishment. To deliver on that trust is even more significant, and we operate every day with the understanding of this powerful responsibility.

Thankful for the larger entrepreneurial community. The entrepreneurial community is filled with people who see opportunities in place of obstacles, who take ownership for their actions, who are on a never-ending quest of learning and self-improvement, and who are committed to making the world better one business and one job opportunity at a time. They give tirelessly to others, they get back up when they stumble, and they are the engine of financial recovery. They build our communities through job creation, and they view failure as learning opportunities. I am a better entrepreneur because of my entrepreneurial communities.

Thankful for the ability to give back. I am thankful to all of the organizations, universities, and fellow entrepreneurs that recognize my value, and provide me the opportunity to share my experiences with others. My successes and my failures provide lessons that will help so many in their journeys of business and professional growth, and self-discovery. Helping others succeed is truly my passion, and the gift of sharing is one that I will forever appreciate.

Thankful for America, for democracy, and for our veterans that have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom.  I’m grateful for the blessings and opportunity that America provides all of us. I’m especially grateful for the bravery and strength of our veterans and troops who have served, are serving, or will serve in the future to protect our principles and freedom. I’m grateful for the resilience and hope that we have shown time and time again throughout our struggles. 

Thankful for my family and friends. Sometimes living with me is probably not so easy! And yet my family and my circle of friends continue to support me and love me – even when I confuse them. 

Thankful for my own strength and growth. Throughout my journey, I have constantly surprised myself at the strength I have developed to carry Information Experts through challenging times. I’ve surprised myself with my ability to not only develop the vision we need to achieve growth targets, but also my ability to visualize what we need to do to get to where we are going. Throughout it all, I stay connected to our core value system. I am also thankful for the personal growth I have experienced as a result of building Information Experts. Despite all that I have accomplished, I am quite certain that I still have so much more to learn, that I have not even scratched the surface of my potential, and that my best life lies ahead of me.

Thankful for YOU. Thank you to you, my readers for your loyalty and support as I build  Information Experts and Successful Culture. My passion and higher purpose is to help others create a Culture of Greatness in their own lives, both personally and professionally, and to help business owners move past their obstacles to reach their personal and organizational potential.  I would not be able to carry out my vision and mission without the support of those who believe in me. So thank you, loyal readers.

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


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