Happy Independence Day from Successful Culture!

Marissa Levin
Marissa Levin
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Our-deepest-fear REVISED

Happy Independence Day from Successful Culture! In honor of this holiday that celebrates our freedom, I wish our supporters two types of freedom:

Freedom from Fear
Freedom from Negative Thinking

Both of these behaviors essentially create mental prisons. They stop us from moving forward to pursue our dreams and realize our potential. In an historical time that provides unprecedented opportunity to build the greatest life we envision, we often become our own worst enemies through our inability to believe in ourselves.

I recently unlocked one of my own mental prisons… my fear of video. I have wanted to start a video series for a long time, and could not break through my mental barrier to do so.

I’ve launched my series, “Two Minutes of Transformation.” My vision for this series is to provide inspiring and educational bursts of wisdom that I have gleaned from 20 years of leadership to others who are committed to living their most fulfilling lives.

The feedback has been humbling and overwhelming. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to make such an impact for so many, in just two minutes.

I’m sharing with you my two clips, each two minutes in length:

Mindset: Your Relationship to Fear

Mindset: The Strength of Your Inner Voice

Viktor-Frankl-quote1I hope you find them inspiring & informative, and I hope you derive at least one special nugget of wisdom from each that pushes you through your barriers that are holding you back from pursuing your greatest dreams, highest potential, and most joyful life.


Finally, here are a few pictures of my oldest son, turning 18 this month, who clearly LOVES America!

Jared July 4

Happy Independence Day!


What Marissa’s clients are saying about her impact on Mindset:
“Marissa is an incredible strategy and marketing expert. In a short period of time, she has helped me clarify Streamline’s messaging including my mission and vision statements, shift my mindset, and think and act more strategically. Our weekly sessions have made a tremendous difference in both Streamline and me as the Company President and Founder. In addition, Marissa has been extremely responsive whenever I have emailed her a question. I highly recommend Marissa and Successful Culture to anyone trying to get to the next level.” ~Karen Long, Founder & CEO of Streamline Government Contracting


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~Marissa Levin
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