Joy Academy

The Joy Academy is your online gateway to
your personal path to Joy.

As we evolve, you will evolve. Under development are programs that will help you find and activate your Path, your Purpose, your Power, and your limitless Potential.

Our first offering is our Self-Worth Rebirth Program. This is a unique journey to help you:

  1. Raise Awareness about your personal self-worth
  2. Acknowledge your opportunity for growth and healing
  3. Activate your self-worth rebirth
  4. Receive Accountability from facilitators and fellow students to remain committed to your growth

We will assess your present self-worth, with intention to move you from unconscious to conscious awareness. Using our proprietary Worth Wheel™, we’ll deeply examine how your self-worth unconsciously and consciously impacts your:

  1. Relationship with yourself (Who am I?)
  2. Relationship with others (Who am I in relationship with others?  How do I subjugate or lose myself in relationship with others?)
  3. Professional path and aspirations (Am I using my natural and developed gifts and talents to full realize my professional potential?)
  4. Material identity  (How much of my self-worth is tied to the external, material world?)
  5. Financial identity (How much of my self-worth is tied to my net worth?)
  6. Physical identity (How much is my self-worth is tied to my physical appearance?)
  7. Spiritual identity (How much do I allow external religious and spiritual beliefs to impact my sense of self?)

Through this deeply healing work, and through the journey from unconscious behavior to conscious behavior, we will identify, dismantle, and re-construct self-limiting stories, engrained patterns & beliefs, and self-critical language.  We will face our shadow selves and explore how we integrate these important aspects of our being in a positive way.

You will be guided through the creation of your personal Values, Standards, Boundaries and Containers using our proprietary VSBC Framework. The four components will become the foundation for your rebirthed self-worth.

Through this 6-month journey, you will create:

Your Personal Worth Wheel


Your Life Vision Document

Concluding Capstone Project


The optional follow-on coaching program will include the creation of a 12- to 24-month roadmap, and a deeper dive into the influence of self-worth on specific WorthWheel™ segments.

Things You Will Receive

  1. Twice-monthly live video classroom calls (always recorded)
  2. Course-specific video and digital content
  3. Access to guest experts in the fields of spirituality and psychology
  4. A digital PDF workbook and journal
  5. Access to a private online community for support and additional learning
  6. Accountability group and/or partnership to ensure continued commitment and progression along your rebirth
  7. A self-worth toolkit delivered to your home with tools to support you on your journey (crystals, activation water, journal, ceremony candle, bracelet, templates for love letters to self)

Joy Academy

The Collective Intention of the Self-Worth Rebirth Program

May we create a sacred space that activates our courage to walk the journey of self-worth acknowledgement, healing, and expansion.

May each who feel called to join this community come prepared to shed the armor that has weighed them down, dimmed their light, and silenced their spirit.

May we each rejoice in the healing and growth of one another.

May we each gain clarity around our unique and beautiful purpose, power, and potential.

May we each re-discover the joy of unconditionally loving, playing, and connecting with other like-minded souls.

May we devote ourselves to this extraordinary work of our lifetime to elevate the consciousness and healing of not only ourselves, but of the world.

May we fully step into our new reality based on the work that we have courageously done, and lean in with mind. heart, body, and spirit.

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