Make Life at Work Better for Your Team

Marissa Levin
Marissa Levin
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According to a recent Bersin Report, a major focus in the years ahead will be on human performance – a combination of how we think, feel, experience, and react to the world around us. People today are experiencing higher stress levels, pressure to do more in less time, and forced to juggle multiple priorities – all with a smile on their face. So, it’s not surprising to see employees disengaging and burning out. For example, the Bersin report shows:

  • Employee engagement levels today are no higher than they were 10 years ago
  • Productivity in the United States after the iPhone launch has slowed (ironic considering the device was meant to make us more productive)
  • Employees in the United States take 4-5 days less vacation now that they did in 1998
  • Almost 40% of employees believe it is impossible to maintain a growing career and sound family life

Work-life balance is important – but don’t overlook the importance of life at work. How do we as leaders make the work we offer one that encourages employees to perform at their best AND enjoy themselves while they’re doing it? What is good about life at work at your organization? What is not? How are you challengingyour employees to be their best? Consider adopting these strategies when assessing your company’s life at work:

Offer Purpose
We all crave to find a deeper meaning in the work we do – to have purpose, to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and to feel energized. How does the work you offer contribute to the small and big picture (company, industry, community, self)? Although this is often a personal journey, employers can support the importance of discovering purpose with their employees. 

Embrace Mentoring
Having someone who helps you work through challenges, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and helps to define your career path is something many of us long for in our careers. Effective mentors are perfect for this and go a long way in keeping employees engaged and excited about the work they do. 

In addition to these strategies, ensuring your employees have access to the resources they need and keeping the lines of communication open are always key to making life at work better. We spend a big chunk of our waking hours at work – shouldn’t making it a great experience be a top priority? We think so.

Reach out to us at to discover how we can help your organization make your organization’s life at work better.  Our SCALE Academy is the perfect place to start! Building cultures where everyone can thrive is what we do best. 

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