My Eight Wishes for You in 2012… From Courage to Contentment

Marissa Levin
Marissa Levin
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My wish list for everyone in 2012. Happy New Year, and may this year bring you health & happiness, laughter & learning, inner peace to appreciate where you are right now, and just enough restlessness to propel you forward.

For 2012, I wish you…

Courage. I wish you the gift of courage to make difficult decisions. Courage to pursue a road less traveled if it is where you need to go at this point in time. Courage to submerge yourself in sadness without hesitation when your soul requires it. And courage to claim your own happiness no matter how much others may resist your choices.

Clarity. I wish you the gift of clarity to see things as they truly are, rather than to see them as the way others see them, or as you wish them to be. Clarity of what’s right for you, even when it doesn’t align with the popular vote, or when it isn’t what you want. Clarity to see the inner strength and beauty that others see in you. Clarity of the lessons that invariably accompany our challenges and the ability to view our challenges as learning opportunities and teachable moments.

Cleansing. I wish you the gift of cleansing and detoxification on a regular basis… physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The ability to cleanse yourself of toxic people and of negative energy by consistently re-evaluating who is close to you, adjusting your inner circle to meet your needs, and spending time with those that really matter. Cleansing of your mind & body through self care… yoga, meditation, and exercise. Cleansing of your soul through gut-wrenching cries; cleansing and strengthening of the spirit through love-filled, joyful laughter.

Calm/Quieteven in the midst of Chaos. I wish you the ability to find stillness and calm in the midst of chaos… to be able to embrace faith over fear in situations that shake you to your core. I wish you the ability to block out the noise and embrace the quiet to hear the stillness and feel the signs that will inevitably lead you down your path.

Connection. I wish you an authentic, genuine, benevolent connection to yourself, and like-minded connections to others that bring beauty and color to your world.

Compassion. I wish you the ability to bestow compassion on others, and the openness to receive, appreciate, and be strengthened by compassion from others.

Compass. I wish you a strong inner compass to guide you through the difficult parts of your journey when your footing is unsteady, and the direction is murky.

Contentment. From my heart I wish you contentment…. A feeling that comes from deep inside your soul that enables you to be grateful for where you are in your life, at this precise moment in time… and not feel the need for more.

Finally, I wish you serenity that comes from the ability to reflect on and accept where you’ve been, the ability to practice self-forgiveness, and the ability to have faith in the journey ahead. I wish you the ability to live not by your fears of what may or may not happen, but rather by your hopes and dreams.

And, above all, I wish you peace and love in 2012.

Happy New Year.




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