Quarterly Recap of My Columns – All In One Place!

Marissa Levin
Marissa Levin
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Quarterly Recap of My Columns – All In One Place!As we near the end of the first quarter, I’ve consolidated and recapped my columns from my Successful Culture blog, my Inc. Magazine column, and my SmartCEO column.  I have difficulty keeping up with my own content, so I can only imagine how hard it is for you to do the same!

As always, I am incredibly grateful for your continued support. I take my role in your journey to realizing your greatest potential very seriously, and strive to create content that is actionable, relevant, and supportive.

You may share all of my columns/content, as long as your properly attribute me, as well as my source.

If you have any topics you would like me to address in any of my columns, please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to write them for you!

Successful Culture Leadership Blog

The link to access all of my Successful Culture columns is https://www.successfulculture.com/blog/

Breaking Through the Mental Barrier
Did you know that 99% of marathon runners complete their marathons? They don’t accomplish this because they are all extraordinary runners. They accomplish this because they’ve mentally trained themselves to push through the pain and the mental roadblocks. Here I share my experiences and lessons learned of breaking through two mental barriers this week. My intention is to equip you with the insights you need to push through your barriers too.

One Great Strategy to Work ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business (With Awesome Results)
If you could make just one change, and shift your business model ever so slightly to achieve more happiness, greater productivity, better time management, and higher profitability, would you do it? If the answer is yes, then read on to learn about the one slight change I implemented at Successful Culture to achieve these things. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

The STARS™ Model: Six Steps for Setting Your Three Intentions for 2016
What are your top three, non-negotiable outcomes for 2016? Here I share with you the details of my STARS™ Model, and how you can set fail-proof intentions to move you forward. My model applies to you on a personal level, as well as on an organizational level. We can create the future we want, once we claim the courage to clearly lay it out before us.

Four Things Businesses Overlook When Moving Employees to a New Position
When our companies are growing, quite often existing employees are the best people for our open positions. However, to successfully transition an employee from one position to another takes great planning, forethought, and careful execution. Here I identify the mistakes most companies make when employing this strategy, and steps a company can take to circumvent any problems & ensure a successful transition.

The Two Questions You Need to Answer When Faced with Indecision
Every day we are faced with dozens of decisions in our business. Some are inconsequential, but others are significant. Invariably, we will occasionally find ourselves at a crossroads. When that happens, how can we get unstuck? In this column, I walk you through a decision process, and share the two questions that every decision must answer. Indeed, clarity has a way of eliminating our options.

Do You Follow Leadership Rule #6?
I recently learned the most important rule of all to ensure happiness and peace of mind as we move through our leadership journeys. I am quite happy to share it with you here.

10 Cardinal Rules for Working with Friends
We’ve all considered working with friends. On the surface, it seems like a great idea. Who is more emotionally invested in your success than a good friend? However, this business relationship has potential for serious problems. Today I share the 10 cardinal rules for working with friends that will help you protect & strengthen your business and your personal relationships.

How to Manage The Three Types of Haters In Your Life
“Let’s be honest. We all want everyone to like us, but we know that’s unrealistic. No matter what we do, there will always be people that simply don’t get us. How do we manage these people? What kind of impact do we allow them to have in our lives? Today, I share the three types of Haters that show up in our lives, and the two essential strategies you must know to handle them.

4 Ways Perfection is Our Enemy and 4 Strategies to Embrace Imperfection
Are you chasing Perfection?  You will never catch it. Today I share with you the 4 ways our quest for perfection sabotages our progress and our happiness. I also share 4 strategies to shift your mindset so you can embrace imperfection. The beauty of our life lies in the shades of grey. It doesn’t reside in our absolutes.

Why You Must Have That Difficult Conversation – And How To Do It
Difficult conversations make us want to run for the hills, but we know that running away is just a temporary solution. In today’s ezine, I share with you why you must take on these conversations, and how to do it from beginning to end so that both parties feel respected, heard, and satisfied with the outcome.

Spring has finally arrived! As we clear away the cobwebs that accumulated over the winter, it’s a perfect time to spring clean our businesses. Here are 7 aspects of our businesses we can dust off and examine to make sure they are in top shape as we move into our next season of growth.

My Inc. Magazine Columns

The link to access all of my Inc. Magazine columns is www.inc.com/author/marissa-levin.

Why You Should Ditch Your Goals in 2016

How to adapt a mindset of intention to drive quantum growth.

7 Simple Ways to Make the Workplace More Positive

Save the drama for your mama. Stay upbeat & energized all day long with the seven strategies for increased positivity.

16 Instagram Accounts That Can Teach You to Be a Better Leader

400 million monthly active users, forecasted to bring in $2.81 billion in ad revenue by 2017, can’t be wrong.

3 Foolproof Methods for Making Every Meeting Successful

Follow these three strategies to move your meetings from awful to awesome, and go from Zero to Hero with your team and in no time.

3 Mistakes Great Leaders Avoid When a Key Employee Leaves

Great leaders know that some employee turnover is inevitable, but organizational disruption from attrition is optional.

9 Leadership Behaviors That Lose Employee Trust and Respect

These proven strategies will demoralize, disrespect, uninspire, and alienate your employees, and highly motivate them to seek employment elsewhere.

What All Great Leaders Have in Common With NBA MVP Stephen Curry

Hitting 286 three-pointers in a single season is astounding. Staying humble and approachable while shattering records is awe-inspiring.

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Workplace Text, Email, and Social Media Disasters

Know the risks, educate your employees, and implement these guidelines to avoid inappropriate communications, lawsuits, and online smear campaigns.

Working With Your Spouse? How to Protect Your Business and Your Marriage

Wondering if you have what it takes to go to into business with your spouse? These lessons learned will help you decide to say “I do” – or “I don’t.”

How to Attract the Best Advisors for Growing Your Startup

Successful business owners know it takes a village of experts to build a great company. A strong recruiting strategy delivers great people and stellar results.

My SmartCEO Column: “Get On Board”

The link to access my most recent SmartCEO columns is http://smartceo.com/get-on-board-by-marissa-levin/. I have additional columns going back 3 years on my website at https://www.successfulculture.com/in-the-news/.

New year, new board: How to evolve, evaluate and exit board members

When it comes to employees, businesses should always be interviewing and meeting prospects. The time to recruit and interview new staffers isn’t when the company is in a desperate state of immediate need. The scanning process should be ongoing. It works the same way with advisory board members.

How the right advisors helped transform Yoko Co.

This month, we spotlight Yoko Co., a Virginia-based web-presence management company. Founder and CEO Chris Yoko talks about how he selected advisory board members who helped ground him personally and define his business vision.

How micro boards and flash boards can benefit your company

Recently, business owners have been asking me about “micro boards” and “flash boards.” These are temporary boards designed to address a specific challenge or growth goal. Think of them like the various pop-up stores that are springing up everywhere.

How SnapShot Interactive recruited the perfect group of advisors

This month, we spotlight SnapShot Interactive, a digital marketing firm, and its CEO, Mark Scrivner. Through one of its client engagements, SnapShot helped a nonprofit education organization raise more than $11.5 million in grants and donations.

Employee Engagement, sponsored by CBIZ MHM

Podcast: SmartCEO and CBIZ gathered distinguished members of the 2015 Brava class to discuss their strategies for employee engagement. I was the moderator for this lively discussion with these amazing leaders.

How virtual advisory boards could take your company to the next level

Today’s technology options allow business leaders to connect with advisors around the world, provide secure platforms for real-time and recorded collaboration, and share documents and information to keep the entire advisory board informed.

Thank you again for your support! We will return next week with original content as we move into the second quarter of 2016!

In gratitude,


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– In my latest Inc, article, I share The Essential Guide to Avoiding Workplace Text, Email, & Social Media Disasters.
– Learn about the 9 Leadership Behaviors that Lose Employee Trust & Respect here.

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