Say No To FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Marissa Levin
Marissa Levin
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When you’re in business growth mode, two ideas constantly rent space in your head:

1: I need to get this done yesterday.

2: I need to spend as little money as possible.

This thought process actually undermines the decision process we desperately need to follow when building a business.

In an ideal world, we would make all of our business decisions, carefully, slowly, and thoughtfully. We wouldn’t be driven by artificial deadlines or lowest price. We wouldn’t rush to quickly check important decisions off our list. We wouldn’t be attracted, like a moth to a flame, to offers that seem too good to be true. But entrepreneurs invariably are attracted to the light.

One of my long-time clients who is excited to write her first book forwarded me a soon-to-expire offer to get a deep discount on book publishing. I actually found the promotion to be predatory.

She wanted to know if I thought she should move forward. My advice to her was this:

1: DO NOT COMMIT.  Make no major decisions (or really any decisions) from a place of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. All decisions ideally should come from a place of confidence, not fear.

2: Every business decision needs to be strategic and thoughtful, rather than reactive. This is a huge decision that requires analysis of several factors. Deciding a publishing route is complex.

3: Every major business decision requires comparative analysis. Rarely will the perfect offer just magically present itself out of nowhere.

4: Avoid slipping into a reactive mindset so that you can maintain control of your outcomes. All business decisions should be aligned to specific strategic goals.

If you’re teetering on some major business decisions, do not let FOMO get the best of you. You’ll have to live with your decision long after the offer expires.

Keep growing!

P.S. You can hear my recent podcast with Marie Berg on Today’s Leading Women here.

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