Stepping Away from the Office and into the Learning Landscape

Marissa Levin
Marissa Levin
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Verne Harnish (in my picture and on the screen picture) is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Organization, and a personal friend and mentor.
Verne Harnish (in my picture and on the screen picture) is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Organization, and a personal friend and mentor.

I’m writing this week’s column from beautiful Nashville, TN, where I am attending & speaking at the 2015 Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) NERVE Conference.  I am with 1,000 other entrepreneurs who have immersed themselves in three days of learning, connecting, and recharging.

This week’s conference concludes a 10-day stretch of non-stop learning opportunities for me. The learning picks up again when I attend Inc. Magazine’s Women’s Conference in New York as a guest of Microsoft, on October 1st.
When was the last time you stepped away from your day-to-day environment, and surrounded yourself with greatness?

Often, when we are engrossed in our businesses and our lives, we think it would be impossible to step away for a few days… that such “disengagement” is a luxury. On the contrary, this is exactly why we must commit to disengagement.

I challenge you to name one high-performing athlete that trains and pushes themselves to the limits every day. For us to operate at peak performance levels, we must occasionally step off the playing field.

Untitled-1My inspiration over these last few days with my EO family has come from great entrepreneurial leaders including Verne Harnish, Cameron Herold, Carl Gould, and Jack Daly. Prior to that, I gained great insight from an evening with best-selling author Brene Brown, and an intensive all day learning session with marketing expert Ford Saeks.

My learning experiences inspire me, inform me, recharge me, reframe my perspectives, and elevate me to a higher level of consciousness and ability for my clients.

Take a look at your own calendar. When is your off-the-field learning scheduled? I know of many wonderful learning events coming up in the Fall, and would be happy to share my suggestions. Please send me an email, and we can brainstorm what’s best for you.


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