Selecting your networking communities; Top DC 7, best learning community, favorite online spots, best events

As a follow-up to my March 10th Washington Business Report segment on strategic networking (, I’ve compiled strategies on selecting the networking communities that are right for you. I’ve also listed the top 10 networking communities, along with information on the best learning community, the best events, and my favorite online spots.

First, let’s look at five ways that will help you decide where and with whom your should spend your valuable time.

Feeding Your 4 Food Groups in 2013: Mind, Body, Heart/Soul, Spirit

Forget the USDA Food Pyramid (at least for the next few minutes). The four food groups that truly nourish us are our Mind, Body, Heart/Soul, and Spirit. When we feed these every day, the rest of life takes care of itself.

Here are specific ways you can feed these four food groups in 2013.

I Challenge You to Ask Yourself: Where are You on Your Ladder of Learning?

It occurred to me this weekend after I attended Yanik Silver’s ( Underground 8 Online Seminar that one of the primary reasons I am SO FIRED UP about my future is because I am on the LOWEST RUNG of what I call my Personal Learning Ladderâ„¢ (PLL). I can’t remember the last time I learned so much in such a short period of time…. Learning opportunities are all around us. We have unprecedented access to knowledge, people, and information that previously was unattainable. What are you doing to continue your learning and growth?

Creating a Culture of High Engagement – And a Future That is Bigger and Better than Your Past

How engaged are you in building a bigger and better future for you, your company, your family, our world?

That was one of the questions I pondered as I absorbed every word that Matthew Kelly delivered at a recent Entrepreneurs Organization ( event. Kelly is a master organizational consultant to several Fortune 500 organizations on the issue of employee engagement. He is also the author of the New York Times Best Seller “Off-Balance” and “The Dream Manager.” Kelly led 125 entrepreneurs through the thought-provoking exercise of questioning our own engagement, as well as the engagement of those around us, such as our employees.

Are You The Gatorade of Your Market? “No one else has the ability or right to do what we do in our market.”

When you hear “Gatorade,” what do you think? While the name may conjure up seemingly simple ideas such as “sports drink” or “flavored water,” the science behind the Gatorade brand is actually very complex, and is focused on something much bigger, bolder, and specific.

Sarah Robb O’Hogan, North American President of Gatorade and Global Chief Marketing officer of Sports Nutrition for PepsiCo, shared how Gatorade’s brand weakened during the bloated economy, and how the recession brought the brand back to its core consumer. Gatorade’s global mission is “to be the world leader in innovative sports nutrition.” Says O’Hagan: “No one else has the ability or the right to do what we do in our market.”

Culture of Greatness Begins Within You

To perform at a level of greatness, we need to commit to a higher level of energy, time, and effort than most. To quote Gandhi, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves.”

We all have the power to lead our business, our family, and ourselves in greatness. To accomplish this, we have to plan.

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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