Running a GovCon Business in Today’s Economic Climate – 7 Drivers & 6 Trends to Know

The Deltek Summer Party attracted close to 1,000 people in the government contracting space this week. Sandwiched between two great networking opportunities was a two-hour overview of the government contracting landscape, and a non-sugarcoated assessment of what companies have to do if they are to survive the current environment.

Robert Lohfeld, President of Lohfeld Consulting and a capture management expert, gave his assessment of 7 market drivers, and how businesses should manage them to stay competitive. Jim McCarthy, Owner of AOC Key Solutions which supports $3.4 billion per year in client wins, and also a capture management expert, outlined 6 key trends that business owners must accommodate to keep moving forward.

When the CEO Must Become the CPO (Chief Process Officer)

Traditionally, the CEO is responsible for the “heart” of the organization… the vision, culture, mission, strategy, and values. They are the “Chief Evangelist Officer,” or the “Chief Cultural Officer” or even the “Chief Emotions Officer” (yes I’ve seen that one too).

Conversely, it’s usually the COO that is responsible for the “blood and guts of the organization” – the person that ensures the operations within the organization can support the vision.

Strategy & Process are Interdependent
Experience – backed up by a lot of research and peer consultation – has taught me that strategy and process are two sides of the same coin, and that the CEO must take ownership for the creation of the core processes that enable a business to run. It doesn’t matter how strong a vision is. Without the processes required to execute, the strategy will fall flat. And while I absolutely believe that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” the one essential element that organizations require for healthy strategies, cultures, and ultimately growth is process.

Six Unique Traits Biz Owners Look For in Potential New Hires

As a business owner always looking for exceptional talent, and as a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs seeking guidance on how to hire great people, I’ve learned that there are six definitive traits that great potential new hires share. These apply to candidates in all positions, in every sector, at any level – from intern to senior management.

If you’re in the market for a new position, if you’re charged with scouting for new talent in your organization, or if you’re a business owner trying to make those essential first hires, consider these characteristics or behaviors.

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