10 Ways to Lose Prospects as Soon As They Hear your Voice

If you pick up the phone and start making calls without thinking about your approach, habit and the phrases you’ve picked up from telemarketing calls you have received over the years are going to dominate what you say. Surprise, surprise: that’s not the most effective way to make calls. You may be committing age-old blunders without even knowing it. These strategies were written by one of my Mastermind group members, friend, and trusted advisor Bill Cates, also known as The Referral Coach.(http://www.referralcoach.com/). Bill is THE EXPERT for anyone who wants to know how to build a thriving referral-based business.

Here’s a quick checklist of classic telephone prospecting mistakes. Are you making any of them? If so, take action to rectify your approach!

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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