Make Life at Work Better for Your Team

According to a recent Bersin Report, a major focus in the years ahead will be on human performance – a combination of how we think, feel, experience, and react to […]

Four Steps to Successful Delegation

I’m blessed to work with many business owners who are rapidly growing. They are certainly enjoying the growth, but alongside the joy is pain. Business growth for most entrepreneurs brings […]

Four Steps to a Successful 360-Degree Hiring Process

A client asked me, “Marissa, should I involve my other employees in the interviewing process?” My answer was an enthusiastic YES. From the intern to the executive, the CEO should never unilaterally own a hiring decision.

The REAL Differences Between Leadership & Management and The Two Tools to Help You Excel

I attended an exceptional Young Presidents Organization (YPO) learning event last week, where Steve McLatchy, author of Decide: Double Your Results, Reduce Your Stress & Lead By Example, spoke. Many people speak at a high level about the differences between management and leadership, but few articulate it well. Steve nailed it.

Leadership is a result you produce. If things are exactly where they are when you arrived in a “leadership” position, then you’re providing maintenance, not leadership. A true leader never “arrives” at leadership. The moment you’ve arrived there, you are a manager, and in maintenance mode.

In a nutshell, leadership = improvement, and management = maintenance.

Living Your (Customer’s) Mission

Only when we understand the motivations and missions of our customers can we create a compelling mission statement that inspires a customer to trust us. There is a big difference between selling a product or service and fulfilling a mission.

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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