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“A person who exhibits both strengths and weaknesses is not flawed but complete.”

~ Deepak Chopra

Leadership & Entrepreneurial Coaching with the POWER Paradigm™

You have a passion for leadership. You know that your leadership potential is limitless, and you are committed to doing the “work” required to reach this potential so that you can bring out the best in yourself, your people, your organization, and ultimately your communities. You value the dedicated space that one-on-one leadership coaching provides to process challenges and to achieve clarity and solutions.

You are seeking a catalyst, not a therapist… a coach that pushes your boundaries, challenges your thinking, shines a light into the dark corners of your company, and insists on accountability – in a safe, confidential, and trust-based container.

Through our work, you will discover leadership potential you didn’t know existed to build your most successful organization and most effectively lead your people. You will strengthen your skills in the areas that are most essential for superior organizational leadership: self-awareness, emotional connection, communications skills, conflict resolution, team building, and culture creation. You will step into the highest level of conscious leadership. The ripple effects will cascade to every corner of your company, boost your top line & bottom line, and will positively impact every relationship in your life as your view of the world and how you move through it changes.

You will also evolve personally into your highest self through the POWER Paradigm™, which will lead you through the 5 components you need to master to fully step into your authentic power:

Purpose: Why are you here? For many, the answer to this question is unclear, elusive, and ever-changing. We will follow a process that helps you identify your unique gifts & strengths, and the vocations that perfectly align with your passions and purpose.

Ownership: Do you take full responsibility for where you are in your life, for how you feel, and for the path ahead? Or do you turn over your power to others around you? We will examine how you subconsciously abdicate responsibility for your own path and create a game plan to reclaim your own life agency.

Worth: What is your level of self-worthiness? No one will ever value us more than we value ourselves. We will apply our Self-Worth Rebirth™ program to re-establish and strengthen your self-worth.

Efficacy:  What is your capacity for producing your desired result? Have you defined and evaluated all that you need to move from Point A to Point B? We will identify and formulate a plan to mitigate the roadblocks impeding you from achieving your desired outcomes in any area of your life.

Resilience:  How strong is your ability to rise once you’ve fallen? Strengthening our Resilience muscle is essential for building our most joyful life. Our work together will examine areas and experiences in your life where your resilience shown through, and where it could have been stronger. We will create a unique, individualized Resilience Roadmap to equip you with the tools, strategies, and resources to step into your most resilient way of being.

In addition, through our work you will learn how to stay in your Genius Zone, where your greatest passions meet your natural talents, and bring you the highest levels of professional joy.

Finally, our work together will equip you in accessing your subconscious, which is the part of your mind that operates without your awareness but greatly influences how you feel about yourself, how you think at the conscious level, how you perceive the world, how you feel about your abilities and limitations, and the actions you ultimately take.  Through conscious coaching you can catalyze your subconscious to be a powerful tool in achieving your goals.

This coaching program uniquely evolves you at both the personal level and the organizational level so that you can achieve your highest potential and fulfill your grandest vision of your life and organization.

Fractional C-Level Support

The C-Suite can be a lonely place. Through experience in coaching and mentoring thousands of CEOs, we have learned that while all challenges can be difficult, most are universal and common to all companies. We provide decades of experience and perspective to help our C-level clients through common challenges that can become significant barriers if not addressed.

  • Are you a CEO with great vision but are unsure of how to move your vision from idea to execution?  Do you have ideas that, with some new perspectives, could evolve from good to great? We will provide you an expanded lens on your vison and fresh ideas to activate your vision. Our ideation sessions will empower you to confidently move beyond any blocks that are impeding your innovation and growth.
  • Do you have a business partner?  Partnerships often become muddied when the partners are each rapidly moving to keep pace with the business growth and changing needs. Misalignment creeps into the relationship, resulting in unmet expectations, misunderstandings, and ultimately damage to the relationship and the business if unchecked. We work with partners individually and collectively to re-open the lines of communication, realign expectations, and restore synergy.
  • You’ve invested time and energy to recruit, onboard, and retain the right talent. Do you want to do a check-in with any employees to gauge engagement and satisfaction and prevent attrition? We work with employees across the organization in support of the executive team to uncover any dissatisfaction or disengagement that may be brewing. We create a safe, confidential space for them to share concerns, and create a plan of action to bring them back into alignment with the leadership and the company.


Business and Life Strategy Day or Weekend

Are you ready to recalibrate your energy, shift perspective, make a sharp pivot, and create the plan to build your best company and your best life? Would you like to experience a private retreat designed specifically around your life goals and your vision for activating your gifts in the world?

If you’re ready to strip away everything that is no longer serving you, and is causing you to stagnate, this offering is for you. You will emerge from our time together transformed, free of self-limiting beliefs, and with a plan that you can immediately implement. Monthly one-on-one coaching calls will support you through the transition and transformation process.

Transition Coaching: Embracing The PIVOT™

Have you experienced an event or outcome in your life that has stopped you in your tracks and you don’t know how to move forward? Have you felt stuck and unsure how to regain traction? Have you found yourself at a crossroads that has opened the opportunity to reinvent yourself or choose a road less traveled? We have all been there, in a place where we feel overwhelmed and unsteady by the unknown.

Whether we initiate change or respond to it, change can be emotional, hard, painful, and messy.

It is always hard to see the picture when you are in the frame.

When we are in the middle of change, unsure of which direction to turn, we rarely have clarity. We often need the help of a guide…someone outside of our frame to illuminate the path and tell us what our future landscape looks like from a different perspective. So often, we narrow our perspective because we are attached to a specific outcome, when there are actually many wonderful options.

Our paths ahead are full of possibility.

As one who has reinvented several times and fully leans into the process of change, transformation, evolution, & rebirth, I thrive on helping others release attachment from the past and embrace the wonderful and often unimagined possibility of tomorrow.

To help you create a mindset that empowers you to embrace the possibilities of the unknown, be excited about change (which is a life constant), and take ownership for your path ahead, we will follow my proprietary PIVOT Process:

  • Pause
  • Internalize
  • Validate
  • Obligate
  • Transform

Our work will move you from:

  • Fear to Faith
  • Stagnation to Momentum
  • Paralysis to Progress
  • Surviving to Thriving

It’s natural to cling to a vision of a future that is no longer viable. Freedom and joy come when we can gracefully release the past that no longer serves us or is no longer viable to welcome a future that is better than we’ve ever imagined.

Leading with GRACE

Leaders today have been called to create and step into courage on a level that many have not experienced. For leaders, this means showing up for their employees, customers, vendors, and partners in ways that pre-pandemic circumstances did not require.


It means:

  1. Revisiting and reaffirming the core values of the organization, which are more important now than ever before.
  2. Ensuring the organizational purpose is clear and well-known throughout the organization, so that employees have a clear understanding of why they are doing what they are doing, even in the midst of a crisis.
  3. Finding new ways to communicate, which includes frequency, messaging, tone, and purpose.
  4. Creating new rituals and traditions to replace old rituals that are no longer possible.
  5. Re-defining the role of the manager in the new normal.
  6. Connecting with employees on much more personal levels than ever before, and showing a level of vulnerability, transparency, and accessibility that perhaps wasn’t previously needed.

    My GRACE Leadership and Communications Model is designed for organizations with leadership teams (from 2-2000) that want to ensure all leaders are equipped with the skill sets and mindsets to lead their people through challenging times. It provides leadership teams a framework for effectively leading and communicating, and maintaining a culture of trust during a crisis.


Through our GRACE training, your leadership team will learn how to:

  • Tap into their own Grit and Resiliency to cope and thrive in today’s trying environment.
  • Embrace the concepts of Adaptability at both the personal & organizational level.
  • Communicate and lead with Connection and Empathy in all of their relationships including employees, customers, vendors, and partners.

GRACE Leadership training is available both in-person and virtually.

Life Vision Roadmapping: Stepping into JOY

If you are at a place in your journey where you are ready to think BIG, this program is for you! Our work will produce your unique Life Vision Roadmap, complete with a Visual Roadmap produced by our strategic visioning partner LizardBrain.  This program includes a series of one-on-one sessions in which we define the following:

  • Your personal core values
  • What matters most to you in your life
  • Your life rules of engagement
  • What you need to stop or eliminate that is impeding your joy or progress
  • Your soul purpose
  • The results and impacts of your soul purpose
  • How you will fulfill your soul purpose
  • Who you need in your life to fulfill your soul purpose (analysis of your inner circles and sources of support)
  • How you will flourish and evolve in the following areas of your life: spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, financial
  • Your yearly intentions and affirmations to support your soul purpose

We will walk Marissa International’s 6-Fold Journey to Joy together to create your most joyful life:

  • The Spiritual Path
  • Life Purpose
  • Realized Potential
  • Internal Power
  • Our Chosen People
  • Intentional Play

Community Building

We are magnets, and we are light. We attract and shine with those who are aligned with us in mind, heart, and spirit.

Are you seeking a community of peers that can help you catalyze your vision? Do you believe in the power of the collective? Do you subscribe to the principle that we are all so much stronger when we are part of something bigger than ourselves?

Many people crave the belonging and connection, but don’t know how to create or find the community they know will elevate them to their next levels of success.

For the last 20 years, I have participated in and led game-changing peer groups and communities that elevate us in ways that are impossible to imagine when we work alone.

I am:

  • The co-founder Women’s CEO Roundtable, an organization built to help women business owners scale beyond $1 million through a yearlong facilitated program of instruction and masterminding.
  • A professionally certified Mastermind facilitator and have participated in my own Mastermind group for 15 years.
  • Professionally forum-trained through Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and participated in and led forums for several years.
  • The former regional Chair and facilitator for the DC region of Women Presidents Organization (WPO), in which I facilitated monthly CEO roundtables for women business owners from $1 million to $50 million in revenue.
  • A Managing Partner of Lodestone Global, one of the world’s top board-building companies.
  • The author of the best-selling book, “Built to SCALE: How Top Companies Create Breakthrough Growth Through Exceptional Advisory Boards.” My SCALE™ Model is the only model that leads business owners through a proven process to Select, Compensate, Associate, Leverage, and Evaluate advisors for their companies so that they have a strategically curated team of advisors to help them scale their businesses to the next level in the fastest way possible.

By being intentional in our creation and selection of our inner circles and communities of support, we can harness the collective power of other big thinkers, and experience growth we can’t possibly imagine or achieve alone.

Our work will help you create the community, inner circle, or board that will propel your personal and professional growth, and create the chosen family you need to challenge, support, and catalyze you.


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