Two Most Common Entrepreneurial Attributes – Not What You Think!

Entrepreneurs know that they require tremendous resilience and energy to recover from setbacks, move through challenges, and inspire others when situations are difficult. I’m often asked how I do have so much energy – especially since I live a caffeine-free/sugar-free life (no coffee, soda – or even chocolate as of October 1st).

I never have an answer because I don’t really understand what people are talking about. I only operate at this energy level. Anything else seems to be in slow motion.

Most entrepreneurs have two common attributes:

A high BS level (always well-intentioned of course.) This could also be known as eternal optimism or eternal positivity

Do Employees Make Your System Smarter? Or Is It The Other Way Around?

What’s the smartest and strongest aspect of your organization? Is it your employees, or is it your organization?

If you follow the thinking of the spectacularly failed Enron Corporation, who religiously subscribed to the belief that having better talent at all levels is how you outperform, then you put most of your stock in the strength of your people. At the height of its hiring frenzy, Enron was bringing on 250 newly minted Ivy League MBA’s a year, grossly overpaying them, giving them Carte Blanche to pursue strategic ideas, and catering to their every professional demand.

It is time to activate your most joyful life.

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